Success Stories

farmersmarketAaron E. is the CEO  of a successful interactive marketing and media firm in Houston.  Here is his story:

Before and after losing 25 pounds“My story starts out with a little chuckle. My Uncle tells everyone when we meet that they had me on a diet since the day I was born. And the truth is, I was a fat adolescent, and have blossomed up and down for the past 56 years.

Next health issue was blood sugar. I’ve always been prone to glycemic issues. I was taking two medications, Metformin in pill form, and Victoza as an injection. These medications made me feel green all day long, and had other side effects too gross to mention.

I made a decision to take control, and try something to get off these meds. I saw MaryBeth’s post on Facebook and was so impressed that she had shed over 55 lbs. Wow! She looks great. (Actually, she’s always looked great, but a thinner great may be healthier.)

I called her up and asked for her to meet with me and told her I needed help. We started off with the 6 week initiation of Eat to Live, by Dr. Fuhrman. It was easy to understand. I did not feel starved. I started to understand the difference between micro-nutrient rich foods and low nutrient foods that had empty calories.

I have lost 25 lbs. in our first 6 weeks. I’m off all Type II Diabetes medication. My blood sugar is normal. I no longer have gastrointestinal issues all day long. I no longer have to go to bed after I eat a meal. I feel energized when I eat. My skin has improved texture. A plant based diet is certainly easy to do. On the six-week plan, less than 10 percent of daily calories should come from animal products.

This plan works for me because it’s not a plan that says, you can’t ever have this or that. It’s a plan of choices. MaryBeth helped me through the first hurdles of this change in my eating plan. Eating out can be tricky, and she helped me examine my choices before I went out to eat. I love to eat out, so learning this skill is crucial to my survival.

Thanks MaryBeth Davison Smith and”

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