ATM ClassWe help people with movement challenges of all kinds, via the Feldenkrais Method®. 

Private sessions: $90/hour (approximate time)
$425/5 lessons; $850/10 lessons

Visit the “Move” page for more information.


300px-Le-reve-1932We help people with stress-filled lives and primary insomnia with our flexible program, “Sleep Better Tonight.”
Through a combination of group sessions, individual online consultations, and bedtime “tuck in” conference calls, our program is safe, effective, and completely non-medical.

Private sessions: $90/hour (approximate time)
Three-week intensive: $250
Introductory group classes: three hour workshop, $45
Visit the “Sleep” page for more information.


farmersmarketWe help people to renew their overall health and vitality through increased consumption of a whole foods, plant-based diet.
We offer private sessions and group classes in a variety of settings, including the workplace, organizations, home, retreats, and intensives.
Private sessions: $80 – $100 per hour
Group classes vary in price depending on the venue, format, length of time.
Invite us to be part of your corporate wellness program. Call us for details at 713.622.8794
Visit the “Eat” page for more information.