Free Consultation

from, on movesleepeat.comCurious about how to get started?

Let’s chat. Get comfy with a beverage, and we can have a 30-minute phone or video chat about

♦ Your needs and expectations
♦ This work and my experience
♦ Whether it is right for you 

The 30-minute consultation is risk free, and a perfect opportunity to get to know one another. You receive:

  • A one-on-one consultation with MaryBeth Smith
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • A chance for me to learn about you, and your interest in the Feldenkrais Method®, Change Your Age®, Sounder Sleep System®, and/or whole-food, plant-based living.
  • Choose group classes or private lessons, or a combination

When is the next available time?

Give me a call at 713.622.8794 to schedule a time for your consultation. OR, you can book your time online here. Click on “Initial Consultation,” and keep clicking through to find a day and time that work for you. After you have confirmed your time, you will be prompted to register on the site.