Move Better with the Feldenkrais Method®
and Change Your Age®

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The Feldenkrais Method, named for Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc. (1904-1984), is a practice and a process by which your body and brain learn to communicate with each other better. You can LEARN your way out of pain and movement restriction with our quietly powerful approach.

ATM ClassUsing gentle, comfortable micro-movements, the Method helps you to become more aware of your sensations, your position in space, the amount of effort you expend in any action – and much more!

Learners benefit in multiple ways, including improved posture, balance, gait, coordination, stress response, and comfort in movement or at rest.

Whether you choose group Awareness Through Movement® class, or private Functional Integration® lessons, you will find much in the Feldenkrais Method to surprise, enlighten, and delight you.

New to the Feldenkrais Method? Listen to a FREE mini-lesson here.

Private lessons: $90/hr. for single lessons. $425/5, $825/10

  • Each lesson is “custom-tailored” to fit your individual interests and issues. This means personal, one-to-one attention, without distractions, to maximize your learning experience.
Awareness Through Movement(R) class.

Awareness Through Movement(R) class.

Group classes: $20 – $25 per class drop-in rate, varies by venue. Package prices for series available.

  • Budget friendly and quietly social, you have an individualized experience within the group. Continual variety, surprising results, novel explorations in a safe and low-stress environment.

The Change Your Age® Program

Are you a proud member of the Baby Boomer Generation? A Gen-X-er wanting to stay fit and vital?
The Change Your Age Program is for you!

Who wouldn’t want to feel younger? What would that mean?

If you are staring at one of those “big, round birthdays” (one ending in a zero), or have one recently in the rear-view mirror, the idea of getting older is right there on the blazing birthday cake.

Perhaps the aches and pains that have come with getting older are starting to slow you down. You may feel like you just can’t depend on your body the way you used to. You are less spontaneous, less energized, less confident in the little things. Most of all, you find yourself sitting on the sidelines, rather than being in the middle of all the fun. Why miss out?

The GOOD news is that you can learn to use your body and brain to move and feel younger, stronger and more fit! The Change Your Age® program was created by Dr. Frank WIldman, an international authority on the Feldenkrais Method. Based on principles of chlldhood development and newly applied to adults, this program is quickly growing in the USA, Europe, and around the world.

An outgrowth of the Feldenkrais Method, developed by Dr. Frank Wildman, the Change Your Age program is slightly more active than a regular Feldenkrais class. In addition, students are given specific movements to practice.  The movements in Change Your Age classes are foundational movements for human functioning, and they are also the movements that are the first to begin to deteriorate as we age (for example, turning your head with ease, getting down and up again from the floor). As you improve your ability to use these basic movements, you begin to move like a much younger person!

The program is not stressful, and does not involve repetitive routines. It does not place demands on your muscular strength and flexibility, and it does not require specialized equipment or clothing.  Find classes on the “Be There” page.

For more information about the Feldenkrais Method, Change Your Age®,  and for detailed class and workshop schedule, visit the Feldenkrais Center of Houston website.(That’s us too, just more dressed up.)